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Information for participants

information for participants

I. Sessions. Specific topics.

The Congress will deal with topics such as accounting, financial management, financial economics, and contemporary macroeconomic and microeconomic issues related to finance.
Papers and presentations in Spanish or English are accepted.

  1. Economics and Finance

Economic and financial integration, econometric modeling for finance and economics, international investments and their impact on capital flows, financial economic impact on organizations in the international environment, evaluation of foreign trade activities and their impact on the economy and finance at the country and company levels, and impact of macro variables in banking and capital markets.

  1. Corporate Finance

Mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring, capital structure and financing alternatives, venture capital, valuation of intangible assets, industrial property, dividend policy, corporate governance, corporate culture, ethics and social responsibility, financial distress, consolidation of financial information, and corporate performance evaluation using financial statements.

  1. Financial Markets

Efficiency and anomalies in financial markets, financial crises and their transmission, integration and financial segmentation, portfolio management and valuation models, public offerings, interest rates, exchange rates, regulation, asset pricing, derivatives, valuation, optimization, and stock and bond markets.

  1. Risk Management

Extreme value theory, integral risk management, value at risk, hedging strategies, border models of risk analysis, market risk, credit risk, and financial regulation.

  1. International Finance

International trade, international financial markets, foreign exchange markets, international financing, international monetary system, monetary policies, international financial institutions, international corporate governance, and international asset pricing.

  1. Social Finance

Financial education, financial inclusion, social impact bonds, social investment, behavioral finance, microfinance, finance and social, and entrepreneurship.

  1. Banking and Credit

The role of the central bank, development banking, consumer banking, access to financial services, term structure of interest rates, liquidity and intermediation, funding mechanisms, investment banking and issuance of corporate securities, banking regulation and the Basel Accord, and banking competition.

  1. Pensions and Insurance

Life insurance, property and casualty insurance, health insurance, social security pension schemes, asset liability management for insurance companies, Solvency II topics, IFRS 17 actuarial topics, microinsurance, insurtech, and cyber risk.

  1. Other issues of financial relevance

Fintech, cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, start-ups, financial information standards, new markets and digital businesses, and financial marketing in new banking and non-banking digital businesses.

II. Information for presenters.

  1. The presentations must be of high quality, seeking to solve problems that contribute to theoretical or practical knowledge. Standards for academic journals apply.
  1. Papers may be authored individually or co-authored. No more than three papers per author will be accepted, either in Spanish or English.
  1. Papers will be subjected to a double-blind peer review process.
  1. The paper must be presented at the sessions by the author or co-authors.
  1. Any matter not contemplated in this call for papers will be solved by the Academic Committee of the Congress.
  1. 6. Papers accepted for the Congress may participate in the XXXVI International Financial Research Award IMEF-EY (see requirements at: and/or you may submit your paper(s) to the Mexican Journal of Economics and Finance, REMEF, (details at: for the corresponding referee process and possible publication.

III. Presentations

Full paper submission ends on June 30, 2020.  Submit papers by email at: You will receive acknowledgment of receipt. Paper acceptance will be communicated within three weeks of submission.

Submission Requirements

  1. Maximum length: 35 pages in Times New Roman letter of 12 points.
  • 1.5 line spacing, leaving additional space between justified paragraphs
  • Number pages at the bottom, to the center
  • Include figures, graphs, tables, and references where relevant
  1. Submit the work in three files as follows:

2.1 File 1. Title page. It must contain the following data:

  • Congress Name
  • Full title of the paper
  • Full name of the responsible author and, where appropriate, of co-author(s)

For each, include:

  • Institution
  • Personal and institutional email
  • Personal or office telephone number
  • Full private address or of the institution of origin
  • Clearly identify who is the contact author

2.2 File 2. A 150-word abstract which should include the title of the paper omitting the data of the author(s). Abstracts will be included in the Congress Program unless expressly requested by the author(s).

2.3 File 3. Full paper, including the abstract, omitting author(s) data.

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