Monterrey is a city with all the charm of northeastern Mexico, surrounded by breathtaking topography and characterized by its visionary and hospitable people.

 It represents one of the strongest economies of Mexico and is considered as the most attractive city in the world to invest (KPMG). It also stands out for being home to major business groups and prestigious academic institutions.

 The city has the infrastructure and services needed to host international events, and possesses all the professionalism and experience to do so with success, as attested by having hosted major events such as the UN International Conference on Financing for Development and the UNESCO Universal Forum of Cultures.

 Its incredible attractions –including the Paseo Santa Lucia, Fundidora Park and the magical town of Santiago – offer visitors the ideal complement for their stay.

Monterrey is the third largest city in México and has excelled in various rankings, such as that conducted by the international consulting firm KPMG that ranked Monterrey as the most attractive in the world to invest.

Relevant information

  • 5.1 million inhabitants. 
  • GDP per capita: $17,200 USD 
  • Leading state in attracting foreign direct investment ($2.7 billion USD) 
  • Consolidated industrial sectors: automotive, auto parts and components; home appliances and components; electric and electronic equipment; metal-mechanical industry; steel, cement, glass and beverages; software and IT services, and specialized medical services. 
  • Home to major national corporations: FEMSA, CEMEX, ALFA, ARCA CONTINENTAL, BIMBO, BANORTE, CYDSA, GRUMA, PROTEXA, among others. 
  • More than 3,500 foreign corporations established in the state.
  • Best ranked universities and business schools in Mexico and Latina America: Tecnológico de Monterrey, UANL, UDEM and U-ERRE.
  • Most important health care center in the north of the country.
  • 31 hospitals certified by the General Health Council. 
  • Extraordinary tourist attractions

Santa Lucia Riverwalk (Paseo Santa Lucía)

  • Regarded as one of Mexico’s wonders, a boat ride navigating the canal connecting the Macroplaza in downtown Monterrey to Fundidora Park along a river that winds 2.5 km (1.5 miles) is a not-to- be missed tour. The trip can be made aboard one of several tourist boats that ply the river, against the beautiful background of Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Mountain) with an account of Monterrey’s history as a plus.

Foundry Park (Parque Fundidora)

  • This park is undoubtedly a unique and perhaps the most representative place of the industrial and working culture of a city like Monterrey. Located in what was the most important Iron and Steel Foundry Company in Latin America, it is currently dotted by beautiful green, rest, recreational and cultural areas, and a multitude of attractions to enjoy – the Museum of Steel Furnace No. 3, Center of the Arts, Ciel Fundidora Ice Rink, Loroaventura (Parrot Adventure), Lago de Aceración (Steelmaking Lake), Papalote Museo del Niño (Kite Children’s Museum), Parque Plaza Sésamo (Sesame Street Park), bike rental, and much more.


  • Monterrey is home to several museums, first- class cultural venues which showcase works of art of great significance. Stand out in particular the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey MARCO, the Mexican History Museum, the Northeast Museum MUNE, Alfa Planetarium, the Glass Museum, and the Steel Museum’s Furnace 3.

Ecoturism and adventure

  • Monterrey is known as “The City of Mountains,” a distinction awarded for its beautiful natural landscapes ideal for the practice of ecotourism and adventure tourism, such as Chipinque Ecological Park, Huasteca Canyon, Matacanes Canyon, and many others. There are tours suitable for all tastes and preferences -those seeking the tranquility and harmony with nature or the most intrepid enthusiasts.

Amusement parks

  • Do not leave your family at home! In Monterrey there are parks to entertain visitors of all ages with a variety of attractions, including some of the most visited –Parque Plaza Sesamo, Bioparque Estrella, and Bosque Magico (Magic Forest).


  • Vast shopping malls and exclusive boutiques offering the latest fashions and fantastic sales to renew your wardrobe and refurbish your home. Do not miss some of the favorite spots -Plaza Fiesta San Agustín, Galerías Valle Oriente, Paseo San Pedro, Galerías Monterrey, Esfera, and Paseo La Fe.


  • No matter what type of music you prefer, in Monterrey you will find the perfect place to enjoy it in the best ambiance. In the great variety of the city’s bars, pubs and nightclubs, the nights are transformed into unforgettable evenings.

Santiago and Linares, Magical Towns

  • Very close to downtown Monterrey, you can enjoy these Magical Towns, endowed with extraordinary natural attractions and an enchanting architecture, and offering typical and delightful dishes of Nuevo Leon State cuisine.


  • The greatest artists, the most spectacular productions, and the best conferences and exhibitions, are presented in Monterrey.


In addition to mouth-watering steaks and our famous “cabrito” (baby goat), take the opportunity to delight your palate with one of the other dishes of our delicious regional gastronomy. Alternatively, you can enjoy the fusion, gourmet, and international cuisine offerings of Monterrey’s restaurants. Monterrey is the birthplace of great chefs and memorable restaurants.