Presentations in extensive

Deadline for submission: May 31, 2018

To the email:

Acknowledgment of receipt will be sent. The respective opinion will be sent three weeks after the reception of the work, no later than July 16, 2018.

Presentation requirements.

  • Maximum length: 35 pages in Times New Roman font of 12 points.
  • Simple line spacing, leaving an additional space between justified paragraphs.
  • Numbering of pages in the lower part, to the center.
  • Include, where appropriate, figures, graphs, tables and bibliographic references.
  • Submission of the works in three files distributed as follows:

File 1. Cover. It must contain the following data:

Name of the Congress.

Full title of the paper.

Full name of the responsible author and, where appropriate, of the co-author (s).

Mention for each one:

Maximum academic grade.

Institution of origin and dependence.

Personal and institutional email.

Private telephone number or the institution of origin.

Individual full address or the institution of origin.

Clearly identify who is the contact author

File 2. Summary only, including the title of the paper, omitting the data of the author (s). Abstracts will be included in the Congress Program.

File 3. Complete presentation, including summary, omitting data from the author (s).

Key dates:

In-depth lectures: May 31

Notice of acceptance of papers: 3 weeks after receipt, July 16 at the latest.

Preferential fees until June 16

Single fee until July 31. On-site payments will be accepted in special cases.